数据虚拟化illustraionCreating a modern data platform designed to support your current and future needs is critical in a data-driven organization. Business leaders need to quickly access data—and to trust the accuracy of that data—to make better decisions.

随着组织的成长和发展, many find a need for more sophisticated analytics across an ever-increasing amount of digital and consumer data. But most legacy data architectures do not have a unified data model, and they are hard-wired toward specific BI tools that do not support self-service analytics.

One of the biggest obstacles to this needed agility is poorly integrated data, 这导致了五个关键挑战:

  1. The inability to support a logical data warehouse architecture to enable advanced analytics
  2. 不可靠数据即服务(DaaS)实现
  3. Ad hoc model development that creates inconsistencies across the enterprise
  4. Restrictions to 云, on-premises, and hybrid data architecture design
  5. 大数据实现中的竖井

除了, many organizations lack the expertise required to implement trusted business views over disparate data sources, inhibiting their ability to act cohesively in pursuit of their business goals. One solution to these challenges is to utilize data virtualization.


Data virtualization is a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across disparate systems (regardless of data format, 位置, 或延迟), 管理统一的数据,以实现集中的安全性和治理, 并将其实时交付给加拿大28预测凤凰算法8组合用户. 它提供了一个集中的, 编目的安全层, 搜索, 发现和管理统一数据及其关系. 随着加拿大28预测凤凰算法8组合用户深入到报表中, data virtualization fetches the data from the underlying source systems.

To help support the critical business needs of organizations with lots of data, 小天狼星已经和迪诺多搭档了, 数据虚拟化的领导者, to combine state-of-the-art professional services with the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platform to streamline data access.

Sirius and Denodo leverage data virtualization to modernize legacy systems, 像传统的数据仓库一样, 通过将数据卸载到云,使它们能够轻松伸缩, 例如, without replacing these critical systems or tearing out existing business processes.


The Denodo platform sits in a layer between data consumers and the actual sources of that data. 平台不包含任何数据, 只有每个源所需要的访问信息, 是什么使消费者免受这种复杂性的影响. By presenting data consumers with a single virtual data layer that provides a real-time view across multiple disparate sources, data consumers can access a single version of the truth and query across the heterogeneous sources without having to understand their different requirements.

使用dendo平台, 可以相对较快地添加新的源, including emerging data storage architectures such as 云 or big data. Because the Denodo Platform supports a wide variety of legacy and modern data sources, it modernizes data infrastructures without forcing organizations to replace existing investments, 包括传统的数据仓库, 数据集市, 或ETL流程.

Companies gain a single view of the truth and a single point to manage security and governance protocols while leaving all of the source data in its original 位置. 甚至当源数据被移动时, the data virtualization layer manages such complexities on behalf of the user and any consuming applications, providing real-time access to integrated data regardless of its 位置.


  • Provides a complete picture of enterprise information by combining web, 云, 流媒体, 和结构化数据
  • Let’s you realize ROI within six months, with the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen changes
  • Achieves an 80% reduction in integration costs in terms of resources and technology
  • Attains real-time integration and data access, enabling faster business decisions
  • Reduces ETL project timelines of six to 12 months to just three to six weeks


Sirius can help organizations address data access shortcomings with a path toward a consolidated data environment and a unified data model, 启用自助分析的核心方面是什么. By virtually unifying your data with Denodo data virtualization software, you greatly accelerate the time to enabling self-service analytics. Sirius reference architectures allow you to unify data by connecting to the data sources in place.


  • 它不需要大量的数据工程
  • BI packages can be ported to Denodo and extended to other BI tools
  • 无需数据工程即可连接到外部数据源
  • Analysts can create their own data sets with a moderate technical skillset
  • 使数据共享
  • Achieves self-service analytics in less than three months (on average)

查看此解决方案如何工作的示例, 查看下面的“Exhibit A”示例参考架构, which unifies data using Denodo with data from the Snowflake Data 云 and IBM 云 Pak for Data (Netezza Performance Server) to break down walls and enable data access through any available BI tool. This architecture makes data that used to be exclusive to Cognos accessible from Tableau and vice versa.

Exhibit A: Sample reference architecture for self-service analytics

现代数据系统架构一起工作, Sirius and Denodo enable companies to overcome data challenges to gain the agility to respond flexibly to rapidly changing business needs.


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Do you have specific questions about data virtualization or need help building a modern data platform? 加拿大28预测网了解更多! Sirius can help you leverage 云 and hybrid technologies and implement next-generation data platforms that offer fast elasticity, 无限的并发性, 安全的数据共享, 高可用性, 全面的安全.