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Are you leveraging blockchain solutions to improve transparency, traceability and trust within your organization and between parties in your extended business network?

Sirius Blockchain Offerings

Whether your requirements dictate a full development project, a product/vendor-centric initiative, pursuing to join an existing blockchain, or integration with legacy systems of record, Sirius is well equipped to structure and deliver the appropriate outcomes to your business problem.

Planning & Consulting

Holistic blockchain strategy dialog with incremental implementation steps through a strategy roadmap.

Software Development

These solution services focus on integrating software, onboarding and migration services.

Infrastructure Integration

Sirius provides services to help clients integrate their existing infrastructure with a blockchain solution.

Managing & Monitoring

Sirius provides solutions around managing software product quality and security.

Blockchain Solutions for Your Industry


Improve patient safety, while eliminating administrative pain points through a robust patient identification system.


Keep better tabs on products, provide transparency and improve control, which ultimately reduces risk.

Financial Services

Speed up and simplify the process of payments and transfer of data.


Improve transaction process with smart contracts and agreements.

The Road to Blockchain Transformation

Sirius experts will guide you through a formal process to identify how blockchain can help your organization transform. Get with us today and learn more.

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Case Study

Sirius cybersecurity case study

The University of Chicago Medicine engaged Sirius for a proof of concept to transform its challenged patient consent management system. The findings indicate a blockchain-based solution will unleash the true potential of health data for this client.

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White Paper

A detailed description of The University of Chicago Medicine’s challenges as well as the architecture and technical details of a blockchain-based solution specific to the client’s unique needs. It will provide you with a first-hand view of Sirius’ blockchain methodologies and recommendations in action.

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Let us help you explore how blockchain can transform your organization

Sirius’ expert consultants and architects can guide you through these common challenges, confirm the viability of your specific use case, and take steps to deliver intended business value outcomes.

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