Simplify, protect and manage your storage environment

Of all the critical elements of a complete data center strategy, nothing is more dynamic than storage, and the resources—human, hardware and software — needed to manage it.

Architecting storage solutions to address business and data economic goals

Today, data growth rates exceed 100 percent year over year. An estimated 80 percent of all data is generated by individuals but the responsibility of businesses. As such, a data strategy that addresses colossal data growth is crucial for both organizations, and now, even leaders of individual lines of business.

Facing unprecedented growth in the quantity and variety of data, as well as sweeping industry and government regulations that dictate how that data must be managed and protected, administrators are being forced to react quickly, control costs, work with limited resources, and yet implement long-term storage strategies that could easily last beyond their tenure.

Sirius is focused on supporting solutions from today’s leading storage developers and manufacturers, and our certified, experienced storage specialists can help you:

  • Make the most of your existing storage investments
  • Adhere to security regulations and industry compliance
  • Back it all up, all the time
  • Keep it running, with no planned or unplanned downtime
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Sirius’ Storage Services Offerings

Overall Storage Assessment: Learn the true state of your storage environment enterprise-wide or departmental level.

Backup/Recovery Efficiency Assessment: Gain insight into the current state of your backup/recovery environment and learn how to create more efficiency.

Implementation and Integration Services: Basic and turnkey storage implementation services to accelerate deployment.

Data Migration Services: Migrate your data to your new storage solution using proven, tested methodologies regardless of location: on-premises or cloud.

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